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Aurionpro Toshi Automatic Shines at India Warehousing Show (IWS) 2023: Unlocking the Gateway to Warehousing and Logistics Excellence

By June 28, 2023July 21st, 2023No Comments
Aurotoshi Exhibition India WareHousing Show

The India Warehousing Show (IWS) 2023, held in New Delhi from June 14-16, proved to be a
grand platform where warehousing and logistics professionals from around the world converged
to explore the latest industry trends and cutting-edge solutions.

ATAS at India Warehousing Show

Among the prestigious exhibitors, Aurionpro Toshi Automatic, India’s leading manufacturer of
entrance automation and loading bay technology products, showcased their expertise and
innovative offerings. Let’s delve into the exciting participation of Aurionpro Toshi at IWS 2023,
highlighting the significance of this event and the potential insights gained from their experience.

IWS: A Premier Showcase of Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

The India Warehousing Show (IWS) has solidified its position as the pinnacle event in the
warehousing and logistics industry, enticing a plethora of exhibitors and visitors alike. It acts as
a vivacious stage for experts to network, assimilate new knowledge, and delve into the most
recent fads and breakthroughs. This year’s edition witnessed an overwhelming response, with a
record-breaking number of attendees and exhibitors, including Aurionpro Toshi Automatic,
adding to the excitement and anticipation.

Aurionpro Toshi Automatic: A Leading Player in Entrance Automation

Aurionpro Toshi Automatic, formerly known as Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd., has been at
the forefront of the entrance automation and loading bay technology sector in India. With a
proven track record spanning over three decades, they have catered to a diverse clientele of
over 10,000 customers across the country.

In November 2021, Aurionpro Solutions Limited joined hands with Toshi Automatic Systems
Pvt. Ltd., creating a unique synergy of manufacturing prowess and smart technology expertise.
This collaboration positions Aurionpro Toshi Automatic as the only Indian organization offering
end-to-end solutions for Automatic Fare Collection in the Smart Transit and Mobility sector.

Anticipation of Aurionpro Toshi’s Experiences at India Warehousing Show 2023:

While specific details about Aurionpro Toshi Automatic’s experiences at IWS 2023 are yet to be
unveiled, their presence at such a prestigious event is undoubtedly significant. As a leading
manufacturer of entrance automation and loading bay technology products, Aurionpro Toshi
Automatic’s participation would have encompassed showcasing their cutting-edge solutions,
engaging with industry peers, and gaining valuable insights into the evolving needs and trends
of the warehousing and logistics sector at India Warehousing Show.
We eagerly await their perspectives and takeaways from this highly anticipated event.

Looking Forward: Keep an Eye on Aurionpro Toshi Automatic

Dock Lever

As we eagerly await further information and updates from Aurionpro Toshi Automatic about their
participation at India Warehousing Show 2023, it is clear that their involvement in such a prestigious event underlines

their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. With their track record of
innovation, dedication to customer satisfaction, and the recent collaboration with Aurionpro
Solutions Limited, Aurionpro Toshi Automatic is poised to continue delivering cutting-edge
solutions that drive the growth and efficiency of warehousing and logistics operations.

Final Words

The India Warehousing Show 2023 will definitely have served as a remarkable platform for
Aurionpro Toshi Automatic to showcase their expertise in entrance automation and loading bay
technology. As we eagerly await further details about their experiences and insights gained from
the event, it is evident that Aurionpro Toshi Automatic remains committed to providing
innovative solutions that transform the warehousing and logistics landscape. Stay tuned for
more updates from Aurionpro Toshi Automatic, as they continue to lead the way in enhancing
efficiency, security, and convenience in the industry.

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