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Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

sliding door

Product Overview

Aurionpro – IdentiMatic® offers an extensive range of automatic sliding doors for industrial and commercial applications. Elegant and modern in aesthetics, these sliding doors also provide a space-saving feature that subtly conceals its operators and creates a classy facade to any entrance. Various configurations enable us to offer our customers a suitable door solution for almost any entrance/transit door. Identimatic provides different customizable doors (single-leaf, double-leaf, telescopic, and hermetic) and a complementing range of accessories to choose from. These doors are ideal for installation at shopping malls, residential buildings, offices, hotels, etc.

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Key Features

sliding doors
Robust Construction
sliding doors
Safe And Noiseless
Easily Customizable
sliding doors
Easy Installation
High Reliability
Aesthetic Design

Our Product Line

Single Leaf Sliding Door

Our single sliding door is as functional as it is elegant. The sliding leaf moves to the left or the right, leaving an opening at the corresponding side. Single Side doors are best for installations with size restrictions. An ultra-quiet, high-performance entrance system with one of the lowest lifetime costs of ownership of any automatic door system on the market today. It is the ideal solution for almost all standard slide door applications, making it suitable for any application and ensuring it accommodates virtually any door opening.

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Single leaf door

Double Leaf Sliding Door (Bi-parting)

The two sliding leaves move in the opposite direction, leaving a wide clear opening. Our range of bi-parting doors offer an opening speed of up to 2m/s, making it one of the fastest automatic sliding doors in the market, whilst ensuring maximum safety. Recommended for high-traffic public entrances and exits or where user safety is linked to the fluidity of the traffic. Our automatic bi-part sliding door offers reliance and lasting durability.

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Telescopic Sliding Door (Single & Bi-parting)

Single Slide telescopic doors with two sliding leaves that move to one side. The sliding leaves retract one behind the other to leave the maximum possible opening on one side of the door—bi-part telescopic doors: Sliding doors with four sliding leaves that move in opposite directions. The sliding leaves retract one behind the other to leave the maximum possible opening at the center of the door.

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