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Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Sectional Doors

insulated sectional door

Product Overview

Aurionpro ∞ – IdentiMatic® industrial sectional doors provide solutions for commercial and production facilities. They have a heavy-duty design and can be adapted to any existing structure. Remarkable technologies ensure the doors have a long service life and operate without faults. The doors have particular structural elements that increase their reliability and durability.

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Key Features

Robust Construction
Enhanced Safety
Energy Efficient
Noise Absorbing
Space Saving
Aesthetic Design

Our Product Line

Full Vision Sectional Doors

The panoramic panel is equipped with a fillet system. If you need to change the glass, you do not have to remove the whole panel, just the fillet. Contemporary-style doors will add a unique architectural feature to any facade. Maximum light transmission is required. We can offer fully-glazed doors, and our full-vision doors do not freeze at joints; they are resistant to corrosion and have lasting appeal. The exceptional performance of our doors is the best solution for your business.

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Industrial Sectional Door

Industrial doors are built to withstand heavy use and have a long lifespan; thus, we only use premium materials like ultra-strong alloys and paint from globally renowned producers. Doors are manufactured of unique sandwich panels with a foamed polyurethane core, a cutting-edge, superior insulating material. 40 mm thick panels are suitable for use in any weather conditions. Reinforcements used in the hinges provide greater joint strength, increase rigidity, and break the resistance of the doors.

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