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Flap Barriers

Flap Barriers

flap barriers
smart transit doors

Product Overview

Flap Barriers are designed to manage crowds and optimally increase safety in crowded areas. They use self-detection and self-diagnosis sensors and can be organized to form multiple lanes with a uni-directional or bi-directional entry and exit system.  Aurionpro ToshiAutomatic Flap Barriers have been installed in some of the highest footfall commercial and industrial application areas and provide unparalleled effectiveness in managing large crowds. Integratable with various access control systems, their seamless design and low maintenance requirements make them a client favorite.

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Key Features

SS304 Material, SS side panels
Safety sensors
Uni-Directional, Bi-Directional
MCBF: 5 Million or above
Easy integration with 3rd party access control
Multiple lanes can be organised
Emergency open ,fire alarm/BMS integration

Our Product Line

Flap Barriers 

Model No: Auro-TA-E242

Robust, economical, and highly reliable – E242 is our best-selling public safety flap barrier and can be installed in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

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Flap Barriers 

Model No.: Auro-TA-FB203

Stylish and highly performing with illuminated flaps, the A203 design is widely popular for commercial applications like offices, malls, IT parks, etc.

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Flap Barriers IDM-A221

Model No: Auro-TA-A221

Seamlessly Gracely, highly secure, and robust – A221 is our top-of-the-line flap barrier for high passenger throughput.

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