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Full Height Mantrap

Full Height Mantrap

Product Overview

Full Height Mantrap

Model No.: Auro-TA-MNT01

The best protection against unwanted intrusions in buildings are high-security entrances, featuring revolving doors and security portals. Proven to safeguard sensitive areas from unauthorized entry and potential threats while eliminating the need for manned supervision, Auro-Toshi’s Mantrap is a maximum-security solution for entrances with extremely critical operations. Best utilized in banks, government buildings, and data centres, the product’s cylindrical frame features two entry and exit points, with automatic sliding doors. Upon authorization, the user steps into the tube and onto a central platform. Integrated sensors determine whether the user is alone. After confirmation, the second sliding door opens, to allow the user entry into the secured area.

Our range of Full Height-Turnstile Mantraps are packed with Smart Features, such as liability reduction and accurate metrics collection to ensure an intuitive and data-centric yet user-friendly experience. Additionally, Auro-Toshi’s proprietary Smart Sensor Technology solves problems such as piggybacking, tailgating, and wrong entry by combining security doors and portals with access control devices.

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Key Features

Easily Customizable
sliding doors
Safe And Noiseless
High Reliability
Space Saving

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