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Security Bollards

Security Bollards


Product Overview

Security bollards are designed for high-security entrance areas to mitigate the risk of hostile vehicle entry. Their robust steel construction and reliable operating mechanism ensure complete protection against unwanted threats. Physically crash-tested in compliance with European standards, Aurionpro Toshi Automatic Bollards are one of the most robust products on the market for perimeter protection.

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Key Features

Anti-Terror automatic bollard (MIRA crash-rated, UK)
Can be used Individually or in Series / Set
Highly versatile entrance product
Only special vehicles entry is allowed while restricting other vehicles
Provides effective and efficient visual barriers for pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Our Product Line

Anti-terrorism Bollards 

Model No: Auro-TA-275GS800 (Crash Rated)

Aurionpro ToshiAutomatic Crash Rated (K-12) Hydraulic Bollard is one of the most robust perimeter products in the market. Physically tested at the world-renowned testing facility of MIRA Horiba, UK, our IDM- 220GS Bollard can stop a hostile vehicle of 7.2 tons traveling at a speed of 80 km/hr in accordance with PAS68 Classification:2013 Impact test specification for vehicle safety barriers, with a vehicle penetration of 0.1meter.

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Commercial Series Electro-hydraulic Bollards

Aurionpro Toshi Automatic Hydraulic Bollard for commercial applications is one of the most robust perimeter products in the market. Designed to withstand rigorous usage, it can contain a hostile vehicle of 6 tons traveling at a speed of 50 km/hr. It is suitable for applications across many sectors, including commercial buildings, hotels, malls, banks, etc.

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