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Installing Data Center Security Products at Web Werks and Iron Mountain!

By January 9, 2024January 15th, 2024No Comments

Data centers are the core element in the complex world of technology that are used to store and
handle enormous volumes of important data. Understanding how important it is to protect this digital resource, Aurionpro ToshiAutomatic Systems has launched a deliberate effort to improve
data center security.

We have been working to improve the security of data centers. Let’s
examine our work at Web Werks and Iron Mountain in more detail, particularly the user-friendly
solutions that significantly increased security.

The Importance of Data Center Security

The stakes are high in the data-centric world. Strong security not only prevents unwanted
access but also lessens the effects of unplanned emergencies, guaranteeing the continuity of
operations within a data center. It is necessary to protect sensitive business data as well as to
ensure the privacy of personal information.

Data centers, as the nerve centers of information, face ever-growing threats in the digital
landscape. Security breaches, unauthorized access, and potential emergencies are constant
challenges that demand robust and user-friendly solutions. In response to these challenges,
Aurionpro ToshiAutomatic Systems has carefully designed and installed a range of products that
integrate with the daily operations of data centers, providing a balance between effectiveness
and ease of use.

Our Approach

Understanding the specific needs of Web Werks and Iron Mountain, our approach to enhancing
data center security revolves around simplicity and effectiveness. Our team of professionals,
driven by industry expertise and a commitment to excellence, has tailored solutions that
address the unique challenges faced by these facilities.

Our partnership with Web Werks and Iron Mountain is like a strong alliance as we combine our
thirty years of business experience with the most recent advancements in smart technology.
Through this collaboration, we will be in a better position to fully satisfy the varied and changing
demands of data centers.

Our Products in Action

  1. Flap Barrier with Identity Card Access Control System
    One of the main components of our security solutions, the Flap Barrier, works on a simple basis.
    Our flap barriers act as gates that are only opened by people in possession of a valid identity
    card. By making some portions of the data center easy to navigate for authorized staff, this
    user-friendly strategy reduces the possibility of illegal access.
  1. P Gate with Identity Card Access Control System for Handicap Entry & Exit
    Going beyond traditional security measures, our P Gate caters to inclusivity. Designed for
    individuals with special needs, this gate incorporates an Identity Card Access Control System.
    Our P gate not only ensures secure entry and exit but does so with an empathetic approach,
    reflecting our commitment to user-friendly solutions.
swing barriers
  1. Fire Rated Rolling Shutter
    Our 2-hour Fire Rated Rolling Shutter serves as a sturdy barrier in locations that house high-
    voltage transformers and vital power equipment. This easy-to-use technology minimizes
    potential harm within the data center and adds an extra layer of protection by activating during
    fire crises.
galvalume steel rolling shutter
  1. Boom Barrier with RFID Tag-Based Entry & Exit Access Control System
    One of the most important aspects of data center security is controlling vehicle access. Our
    Boom Barrier uses RFID tag technology to accomplish this without any problems. Entry and exit
    is restricted to authorized cars with assigned RFID cards, simplifying traffic control and
    improving general security in an approachable manner.
Boom barrier
  1. Sliding Gate
    The Automated Sliding Gate, with an opening of up to 6-8 meters, is controlled by authorized
    security personnel or through a security cabin. This mechanism allows for secure and controlled
    entry, limiting access to only those with proper authorization. Our solution’s ease of use hides
    how well it works to improve data center security.
motorized sliding gates

6. Swing Gate

Our Automated Swing Gate, with a similar opening range of 6-8 meters, provides an alternative
solution for controlled entry and exit points. Similar to the Sliding Gate, our swing gate is
operated by authorized security personnel or a security cabin, ensuring that only approved
individuals have access to the data center premises.


Acknowledging Our Professionals

The success of our installations is attributed to the dedication and expertise of our
professionals. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and collaborative spirit have
been most significant in bringing these user-friendly security solutions to fruition. Their collective
efforts are a testament to our shared commitment to improve digital security.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we consider how successful our installations at Web Werks and Iron Mountain
were. Continuous innovation is necessary given how quickly technology and security are

developing. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, and we’re
committed to developing more approachable solutions that meet the changing requirements of
data center security. Aurionpro ToshiAutomatic Systems is proud of the role it plays in improving data center security
with its well-thought-out and approachable products. Our commitment to efficiency, cohesion,
and simplicity is demonstrated by the path we have taken thus far. We at Web Werks and Iron
Mountain have strengthened our digital defenses because of our skilled staff. As we navigate
the dynamic world of data center security, we remain committed to innovation and excellence.

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